Revelation of micro blog marketing from artificial Han Han event

has been paying attention to this event since the Spring Festival, and more attention has been paid to the promotion of "honesty", "independent thinking and blind worship". As a micro-blog marketing practitioners, in fact, you can also see some of the micro-blog marketing aspects of the notice. For example, through such events, can be typical of micro-blog’s voice transmission, full of noise and disorder, full of fragmentation and misleading, and this will give the voice of a brand to bring a lot of trouble.

first stands in the personal perspective and reviews the events briefly:

1, IT celebrity catcher published an article entitled "questioned Han Han about a man-made" citizen "farce", statistics of the 9 article by Han Han, are written in the car during that time to write these articles so that someone ghostwriter impossible during a highly stressful event;

2, this article from Melaleuca, under shortness of breath Han Han bloody back to a "small broken article", and hit the 20 million reward to find ghost "banner;

3, the Fang of Han Han is not cold, but Han Han could not face the challenge is not performed well but also refute the exaggeration and gambling gambling reward daughter, micro-blog issued a series of ridicule, while heavily, while the destruction of evidence, more let a person feel a no sincerity "speech;

4, Han Han published an article "normal", that ghostwriter, with a lot of personal and offensive language, such as "bald" that take Fang;

5, see the "wheat king of Baoji sail" article, that car during the time to write articles for various reasons have not established self evidence, and published a letter of apology "to Han Han Han Renjun Li Qigang, a letter of apology";

6, a Han Han’s insulting language stimulation Fang, Fang found traces a lot of who, "a Han Han published an article" "normal". Then took the wheat to question Han Han’s banner, began a series of questions that.

7, both of you come to me, published a series of articles about debate, mainly around Han Han’s famous for "doctor", "bookstore", "three doors" is written by Han Han himself. For example, "doctor", Fang demonstration content is not mentioned in the article that Han Han claimed the 90s Shanghai hospital scene, but in 70s the hospital scene, so that the people who experienced the cultural revolution.

8, and ultimately, Han Han sued the ark for violating the reputation of the ark, and left a "03 February" statement, leaving the war.

9, Fang Zhouzi ignored the indictment, continue to issue proof and questioned.

if you observe the debate continuously, you’ll find two characteristics:

1, micro-blog can’t avoid the parties avoid repeated explanations interpret out of context,

take a look at the following example:

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