Opening micro blog’s new domain name from Sina and talking about domain name selection of enterprise

April 1st April Fool’s day, but for Internet users Zhang Weibo, but brought an unexpected surprise. He probably did not dream of his own 12 years ago registered with their own homonym, domain name will be worth the rich, so that sina did not hesitate to spend 8 million pounds into the bag. Similarly, Sina was attracted by and, two Chinese domain names. Compared to the previous Sina, SINA, domain name WEIBO is Chinese characters micro-blog Pinyin combination, and short enough more in line with Chinese user experience, but also more conducive to search engine optimization Chinese. Sina enabled micro-blog Pinyin domain names, but also to build a natural barrier, so that such as Tencent, NetEase and other counterparts can not be exceeded.

domain name as an important component of website products, has been given enough attention, large companies in order to get the favorite domain name, but also spared no expense to win. Through the continuous trading of domain names, we can spy out the importance of domain names. Although the enterprise website content and form is different from the large portal site, but in the domain of the purchase, the need to grasp the basic principle is the same, and has its own characteristics to the enterprise website, the website construction in small and medium sized enterprises more reflected. Remove short enough, select the domain name and domain specific search engine for, because of the small and medium-sized enterprise is not impossible to set up their own domain name DNS server, so the choice of analytical service stable registrar is also crucial.

, a short than the more important is to remember

is always short and easy to remember domain name selection rules can not be ignored, even to the extent that easy to remember is more important than the short, short and not is also better to remember? After the popularization and development of ten years, short domain has become less and less, short domain rich meaning of almost has been difficult to find. So, in the process of enterprise website construction, domain name easy to remember in the purchase process will be the first of all should follow the principle. Pinyin or the English translation of the assigned name, or the use of the corresponding phonetic abbreviations, and the proper combination of numbers and letters, etc., are good choices. But there is one place that needs to be pointed out in particular: try not to appear in English in the middle of the domain name – "-", which can easily be wrongly dropped to underline, causing the site to be unable to open.


is the primary domain name short enough to buy should follow the principle, but also should avoid any ambiguity, especially when using the simple combination of letters. I have had this experience, the company Shanghai pilotage technology has a client, do city courier service company name is cyber Express (the English translation for Cyber Express), combined with the domain name registration rules of some big company counterparts, then determine the domain name is, then the domain name has been registered, customer call. To modify the domain name. The reason is that the SB Monogram appears in the middle of the domain. (SB has another elegant title, everybody knows

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