On the characteristics and trends of online shopping

stepped into the twenty-first Century, and some things are always amazing. I can’t imagine what the world will be like in the next 10 years. The Spring Festival dad TV shopping now I like for online shopping in 80s just as the TV to surprise, after experiencing www.xhdqw.cn from scratch now feel that online shopping is the future development. It is because of Taobao’s pat Shop eBay stimulated the rapid development of the logistics China to a great extent, I really feel more and more interested in online shopping, just to see the day of Qilu Evening News is that online shopping is a white-collar became negative, I can view online shopping, but also should face, cited below some (United States online shopping information:


London News: the United States the day before the publication of the investigation report, the number of online shoppers are increasing, but most people are still far away from online shopping. Over the past year, the number of online shoppers has risen from 24% to 34%. Books, tickets, and other travel related products are the main commodities sold online.

, according to the economic daily, young people and the rich are the main players in online shopping. Young people aged 25 to 34 have the highest percentage of online shoppers, with 35 to 44 years of age among middle aged online shoppers, second of whom are online shoppers. In households earning more than $50000, 53% of the families in the online shopping; the annual income is between 35000 and 49999 dollars in the family, there are 35% families in online shopping; annual income is between 25000 and 34999 dollars in the family, there are 29% families in online shopping.


report said, in the past year, online shoppers shopping varieties also changed: the first major commercial book is still sold online, 45% of respondents in the past year at least from the Internet to buy a book; and travel related products occupy in the online sales of goods in a position fourth years ago, jumped to second, nearly 30% of respondents in the past year had purchased in the online travel services and products. Cheap and safe is the two key factor in retailing to attract repeat customers.

online shopping market to the United States is not clear, not to mention the China market started late, but confidence should be decided on some of this, I especially admire Ma Yun, Ma Yun teacher of the Taobao portal should be in the next 10 years is still the leader China CTC, not to mention the established earlier (professional Alibaba BTB, but to feel shy, Alibaba don’t understand)

network has risks and should be cautious. Although online shopping risk than the stock market change radically smaller, however, because the password storage carelessly, payment in advance, convinced that the high reputation of the shop (some shop brush out), not easily believe that the reputation of the shop, I want to Amoy friends to remind the first inspection final confirmation of payment within the time allowed, as long as confirmation can be

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