Original network renovation year bid farewell to the garbage station the local shopping mall ope

began in December 2009, a large-scale Internet storm sweeping across the country. For a time, or even tens of thousands of Starving people fill the land. personal website, commercial website because of incomplete procedures or by the same room other sites have been dragged down off the net, shut down for rectification. For hundreds of thousands of people across the country, the stationmaster is undoubtedly facing a severe test of life and death. At that time, I was running a website linked to the link station, which all rely on procedures to crawl information, rely on search contributions, traffic, rely on Google advertising survival of the garbage station, is undoubtedly a devastating blow. At the beginning of the domain name registration business daily reminder for the record, submit materials, perfect information; then notice due to bad information website links, fuse authorities to stop the DNS, no breath, no longer open the site, after several fruitless negotiations, the site completely shut down. At this time I realized that my station has come to an end, and then toss down in vain, after all, the future of personal website will become more and more strict supervision, increasing the threshold, instead of spending a lot of time in the garbage station, than really do a regular site, after all, so many webmaster career, a little site management experience. As BTChina webmaster Huang Xiwei said, "when personal interests conflict with the real environment, I can only choose to give up the former."".

after a few days of closed thinking, and several webmaster friends discuss one after, I decided to do a Xiamen specialty online shopping mall website operating mainly in Xiamen and Taiwan Jinmen products and tourism commodities. The idea of localizing e-commerce sites is not a day or two for me, but it’s only a matter of years of focus on junk sites. Good planning and management direction, the next few days, I started the difficult road of the site, screening, registration, from the domain name server rental, site selection procedures, to the website design, template production, after a week, the specialty store shelf; the next 1 sales and customer service recruitment contact express delivery, a site maintenance staff, I am responsible for liaison Business, purchase work. Specialty stores of the early operation of the official start. The hard work of being a regular station is far beyond what I expected. During the day to go out to contact businesses, introduce the mall, pick goods, talk about cooperation, take pictures, request product information; come back at night to sort out information, classification pricing, add goods, often work is the big night. Fortunately, so many webmaster career, already used to burn the midnight oil, you can do it. After a week, I finally moved more than 100 local specialties of Xiamen and some of Taiwan’s special food to the internet.

February 2nd, my Xiamen specialty shopping mall formally launched, watching their carefully managed out of the site, it seems that their children were born to the ground, the joy and excitement of unspeakable. As a result of several years webmaster career accumulated some website operation experience, website optimization, Submit search, BBS post, Baidu know, blog, all kinds of conventional promotion method began to come in handy. A few days later, the various search engines have been included in the website, the site traffic from 0 start, slowly raised to dozens of hundreds. Because >

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