Only a deep understanding of women in order to compete for the nternet world


November 13th news, in the heart of the Internet Product Manager, female users has become a meat and potatoes. Taobao,, beauty said, unfamiliar street and other products through the potential demand for female users of mining, have been a great success.


, innovation works COO and partner Tao Ms. Ning said, women can not be ignored in the market, there are a lot of people are chasing female users, including both games, education, shopping and other areas a large space for development. Ms. Wang Zi, the CEO above, agrees with the view that women will play an important leading role in the Internet age.

Internet attributes: is TA a man or a woman,


if the Internet is a person, then is TA a man or a woman?

for the proposition thrown, Tao Ning and Wang Zi on these two Internet female executives answer can be said to coincide.

Tao Ning said he was the first to hear such a point. She analyzed that the Internet has inclusiveness, connotation, personal and other characteristics, more feminine features. Tao Ning particular emphasis on the development of mobile Internet, she believes that the mobile Internet will cover all aspects of society, into the user’s life, work and friends among them. For the future of mobile Internet, Tao Ning said, "I don’t think I have enough imagination now.".".

, and Wang Zi is very clear about the female characteristics of the internet. She pointed out that the genetic characteristics of the Internet is negative, it has the freedom, sharing, distribution, centralization, tolerance, tenderness experience, and other characteristics, and very well suited to the characteristics of women. "I think the Internet is selfless, mature and generous, and it’s the same as the mother in the family. Mothers play a leading role in the family, and women will play such a leading role in the Internet age." That’s what Wang Zi said.

why, beauty said the founder is male


although Tao Ning and Wang Zi have recognized the feminine features of the Internet, they also admit that the current female led Internet products are numbered. Even men such as and beauty say they are women’s main target users, and their founders are men.

in this regard, Wang Zi believes that the Internet and the current ecological environment has an important relationship. At present, most Internet entrepreneurs are male, although these entrepreneurs have a conscious choice for female consumers of the huge consumer groups, but this does not mean that male entrepreneurs know more about women.

Tao Ning agrees with Wang Zi. She has combined 50 of the experience of several products from Innovation workshop, pointing out that most of the Internet start-ups are male. These entrepreneurs will analyze the market, they invariably aimed at the female user base. And female users, especially

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