Use false original to update website content be careful to fall into broken window theory misunders


"so they do, so I have to do so, most of the websites in the use of SEO in the chain optimization, promotion, use of the basic agreement, a certain financial, do pay promotion, grassroots webmaster, some free promotion, but in the update, many webmaster know the pseudo original to improve the website Baidu weight have a good effect, but the simple manual to write original, may have to spend a lot of time and energy, even, because the writing skill is not good enough, the effect is not too good.

so many webmaster to worry, just for an article, then use false original tools, the so-called upset words, simply let people do not know, this cheat Baidu is very easy, very easy to be Baidu included, because many webmaster website content updates, the purpose is to one. Let Baidu included in this article, Baidu can also included, why worry about the idea of the article? So, this way in the pseudo original website is very popular, the final result can be found in Baidu users, users will leave a second…… This kind of optimization that suits the search engine completely is undoubtedly a kind of chronic suicide.

in economics, there is a "broken window theory", originated in the United States University psychologist Philip · Xinbadu (PhilipZimbardo) 1969 carried out an experiment, find two cars as like as two peas car, the car parked in California, Palo Artaud’s middle-class community, while another car parked in the relatively messy New York District of Bronx. Parked in Bronx, he took off the license plate and opened the ceiling, but it was stolen the day. The one in Palo Alto, Artaud, was ignored for a week. Later, Zimbardo struck a hole in the glass of the car with a hammer.

the source of this, scholars have put forward the theory of "broken window", a clean place, people feel shy to throw garbage, once someone throw rubbish inside, break the normal procedure, very fast, some people follow the throw, did not feel guilty. Write the ofanything pseudo original tool is mere trash, but once some people do, immediately someone to follow this way, update the website content, the website is a fatal blow, once the search engine will never explore, so early the day.

this pseudo original update will not only make the website is easy to search engine K off, and will produce a series of hazards, first will cause the other owners have to follow, the Internet is an era of information explosion, the user from the numerous information is difficult to identify their own needs, an average of 5 minutes to make it no doubt, even let the Internet search engine has become the hardest hit spam, attention to user experience, in the search engine, this website will die.

secondly, let the personal website fall into a kind of misunderstanding, and implement the group operation in this way. Lots of >

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