Talking about several stages of website profit

I am engaged in the construction industry

website, webmaster friends say professional web site to do the webmaster, can save a lot of effort, the fact that this is true, now the site construction industry cannot meet the needs of industry friends, live more difficult, so I just go Jian Feng, also use their own advantages, to do the webmaster to supplement the family income.

first statement I engaged in the construction site, to help customers successfully operating a number of sites, so the ear smoked also know that a lot of the website operation knowledge and skills, this time he was running a surgeon from scratch agricultural products site, their body exercise practice site operation, has been profitable (non traditional GG, the accumulation of advertising) and share the following experience:

1, site location:

has many successful business website to traditional products combined with the trend of the development of electronic commerce, such as regional ethnic commodities across the country and covering a single city or region with two modes of mass consumer goods, such as Kunming in Yunnan border areas, the local power operation into several similar sites, according to reliable information individual website profit a month, imported car prices, the profit may make many webmaster zashe.

crap, say my site positioning, first I located in agricultural products (specifically what the product does not say), because now the awakening consciousness of rural network, a lot of young people in the country friends often ask me to query some information to them, and now in the rural areas have begun to broadband access and more importantly, agricultural products is a big market, a lot of agricultural products or go through traditional sales channels, similar sites on the Internet are in a growth stage, this is a blue ocean area (for some agricultural products).

choose the product, then think how to operate, before I also tried some of Yunnan’s unique combination of e-commerce goods to do, such as dried flowers of this product, but we like this type of webmaster, the tradition is no resources at all, when I ran for the dried products manufacturers, and abandoned disdain, they would not even say that does not have any qualifications and young people to help them buy products, maybe is my business ability, I am not good at this, but this is the most wanted to sell long problems with operation ideas and website but can not find the products. Finally had to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The lessons learned last time, I decided to the positioning of the site into a transaction platform for the agricultural products, not selling products, but the use of this platform to attract manufacturers and business together to the above, make full use of their technical superiority, aversion before meet the problem. Then the use of membership fees and advertising costs profits, and a large number of manufacturers customers, you can restart the idea of selling their own products before, because there will be many customers willing to provide products for me. Create a set of business information, agricultural products sales as one of the platform, ha ha, the idea is very large, is not it?

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