User demand analysis of B2B industry website purchasing column

product procurement section of the visiting crowd mainly for buyers and suppliers, buyers and suppliers have what the crowd? The major supplier of visitors: small and medium-sized enterprise boss, general manager, sales manager, sales staff and sales company mainly acts as the main purchaser; visitors are: large and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises boss responsible for purchasing, purchasing managers, procurement personnel, production and technical personnel, technical manager and so on; these people are those who demand? Is that we are currently planning this column must be clear, we often say that content determines form, determine the market demand, a clear understanding of the needs of visitors, so that we can plan out of the the product, otherwise too much effort is wasted. The so-called "do the right thing first", and then do things right, in planning here, this truth has been the most fully reflected, because planning is more decision-making level.

1, buyer’s demand

(1), when the enterprise in the original purchase channels in inappropriate products, they think of looking for products through peer network, and the network is that they think the most convenient way is preferred.

(2), when companies now feel the raw material cost is too high, also hope that through the network purchasing lower cost products, sometimes the procurement will determine an enterprise’s competitiveness and profits, especially for the intense competition in the industry is even more so, as a lot of people want to purchase in the Alibaba, is to reduce the cost, to increase profits, or to sell cheaper than the competition, is the truth.

(3), when the purchaser does not know about a product, to the production of this product or enterprise products have more understanding, will choose the network, because the network for their understanding of the product provides the most time-saving and labor-saving way, of course, some people will choose to ask a friend, or used the products. Somewhat similar to the shopping guide platform model, such as: do electronic products and car shopping guide platform Pacific computer network, IT168 and so on, have done very well, the Pacific computer network has already been listed. Production enterprises in the procurement of advanced equipment, and is the most similar to the needs of buyers purchase, a lot of people want to know the advanced equipment, and the choice of the Internet understanding, comparison and inquiry the equipment enterprises.

(4), when the purchaser must be in the use of certain network services, such as: industry trends, understand the industry technology and marketing management knowledge, friends and other free services, see a product advertising, or one of the B2B industry websites have the product procurement section, if he happens to this product interested in going to learn, this time his demand is not particularly clear, just have this demand, but not now purchase, but when he found that this product can be solved exactly in front of the 1-3 when he needs, he will be through the network to purchase or inquiry. This is the marketing strategy recommended by this research report. It is the most important choice for any company to choose a reasonable reason for your customers.

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