Two years after the valuation of 100 million Wu Xiaobo from the media what excels

the first step, accurate positioning, to content is king;

second steps, a viable business model, and an imaginative business future.

text / world network reporter Xu Lijun

"food boss reference" is a public number from the media attention to the catering industry, belonging to the Henan Watt Culture Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Watt), by former Sina employees and Qin Tan wild Henan station was founded in July 2013, currently has 220 thousand fans subscribe allegedly.

July 26th, Watt said it sold 20% shares, won by the financial writer Wu Xiaobo led the establishment of lions enjoy new media fund, led by investment and several other institutions with 20 million yuan investment pre-A round of financing, valued at 100 million yuan. 1 years ago, Watt has won the Shenzhen micro Xi investment partnership 2 million yuan angel investment, valued at 10 million yuan, became one of the first to get venture capital vertical from the media public number. One year, an increase of 10 times the valuation of food boss reference, what excels


founder Watt during the Qin dynasty.


"food boss reference" founder of the Qin Dynasty (right) and Tan Ye (left)

content is king

1, precise positioning. Target users locked in food and beverage bosses, first, under the impact of the Internet, they confused, panic, aroused enough thirst for knowledge; two, the restaurant owner, decision-making ability, willing to pay for the study.

2, focus on content. As of now, catering boss reference to a total of 14 employees, in addition to the 1, 1 financial administration, and other people are just content producers.

3, original based, reproduced as auxiliary. Adhere to the original, in order to highlight the public number of personality, do not follow the crowd, and even to a certain stage, the ability to create a hot spot, the ultimate goal is to achieve 100% original.

4, novel content, flagship dry. Food boss reference content to reported fresh food model, a representative case of catering, methodology + story.

5, 2+1 mode. Headlines for 1 high quality original dry type articles. The two is cross-border knowledge, such as talking about the management of the Internet age, the three is more relaxed and humorous content. Forming reading levels.

6, content column operation. It includes case, intelligence, strategy, management, etc..

7, logistical support, to ensure that the author has no worries. Pay a price, do not set meal supplement, transportation subsidies and other trivial items, set out on car number, unified reimbursement.

8, the perceptual KPI mechanism. Routine 6 copies per person per month, quality first, do not support more writing, but support bonuses. The user and the editor feel good is really good, the evaluation on the spot bonus. Between people’s preferences, the same person

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