Small and medium sized industry website to the main road

A few days ago

saw the news business treasure price, it is more services for SMEs, is actually an Alibaba, these are recognized, they are done with expert help, just cross the vertical, now a price war, have to admire their mind that the price is. The impact of ALIBABA, two is for us these small and medium-sized industry website clear and low price make you no profit, cannot survive! It may do industry website shoot two hawks with one arrow, Adsense is not what the end of the world, but most of the crowning calamity, me, not far away, because I have to do is the global chemical network, with they rushed! Really is in a desperate


webmaster know, now I have such a foolish step of industry website, online looking for a system, hang up, add data, call again, AD + members also began to do it, I am here to confess, actually is not a magnanimous, remember a few days ago a brothers in behind the Admin5 article, write your own Baidu K to. That’s really a tough process,


station, ALIBABA HC360 industry alliance business treasure life, good everyone find their destination, we are now a forgotten orphans in this channel to find a way out, Guo Fansheng said the industry Web site is a group of climbing on the glass on the fly, the future of the issuing of the light, but can not find a way out, it seems

is not without reason!

yes, life will continue, we will also find their way is to adhere to the belief, if in the channel can not break that our death is not far away! Do continue to open, check the information, picked up in the hands of the phone, do their own sales, for perhaps savage refused, perhaps potential hope! Sometimes we always put in good faith as potential hope to


the future is hard, and the reality is to do a grassroots webmaster is enough, but we have been eager for the future of hope, when we no longer insist, we will not leave. Behind the scenes, all the way to record our hardships, with us! As a chemical person, we have not left, do their own industrial sales plan!


here wants to communicate with those webmasters like me who are still looking for their way out, qq:83043237!


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