Urban classified information website operation and profit model

personal network business how to profit, what is the profit pattern, the word "profit model" has been our special network circle became the daily talk, talk about some tired, seems to be "profit model" is a mantra, let us into the concept of "cycle mode".

: I want to find a project, what do a website, what what my station is on the flow of profits or by membership profit? From the portal to WEB2.0, from YAHOO to YOUTUBE, see others continued success, for a time we are looking for a new model, but this is a creative thing is not an easy job to do, you can get the more chance coincidence is for a. And often for our individual entrepreneurs, even if you have a new profit model, will also be powerful door or a strong capital investors and rape. For example, Sina’s BLOG, BLOG is not created by Sina, but Sina based on strong traffic advantages, financial advantages, easy profits. Examples abound on the internet.

here, not only do you have to ask, so, in the Internet is not wealth rash and too much in haste, we share? Of course not, because we will always find the source of our wealth, but this is mostly a profit in the traditional model in depth, non profit model innovation project. Just like the simple way of making money that we all think of selling corn has no future, a young man in Chongqing keeps a monthly income of about 80 thousand. Therefore, the profit is not profitable, profitable or not is not the project itself, but how to do this, return to the "profit model", but this "profit model" is not a project innovation profit model, the profit model is. Based on this idea, I’ll briefly explain how I managed to make a local information network profitable within 3 months.

first, I want to do is place of classified information network, we in this small city such as Tianjin secondary network (http://s.bizlong.com), a survey of local classification information website of large and small have 5 or so not what climate, this is not my obstacle. I used the program is free online, and then I beautify the layout, so that the interface is more concise, intuitive and practical. Then there’s the domain name, the space problem. (Reference: personal network entrepreneurship, low-cost, high-yield methods. This part is very important, the program must be simple and easy to use, the interface must give a good authority and a sense of trust. The domain name must be a good domain name (considering or choosing.COM).

the preparatory work is completed, will start the promotion, the usual thinking, we will consider how to increase the external connection in the network, do SEO or do publicity and promotion of this method on the network in other station. And this time I mainly use the propaganda method under the net: send the flyer. Then let some of my local friends, such as various companies, including a number of small shops, >

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