Think about sharing close to double eleven Taobao customers in the end how to do

is less than eleven months from double three. For "double eleven impact" sales of friends, this is clearly a good opportunity to make money. So in many webmaster forums can see everyone in the discussion of Taobao passenger transportation method, in the exchange, how can make good use of this shopping festival. And this obviously also with the industry before the "Taobao customer" is dead.

in fact, there will be a shopping guide in the market, in the face of such a volume of Taobao platform, not only sellers need us, buyers actually need us. Based on this point of view, we should also take good care of the development of Taobao customers. However, the present development situation is indeed a bit harsh, and the space has also become much smaller. Compared to previous years to do a single page can make money, and now more pursuit of value. Then on the surface behind the Taobao customer weak, what measures should we take to their Tao career Tim power


filters its own drainage channels. Taobao customer must have a complete set of drainage means or tool, and now social software so much, we are certainly more attack, as much as possible by the different sources of traffic. But when your station development to a certain extent, you must begin to pay attention to the efficiency. In the face of less traffic and less conversion, we should give up decisively. As Lu Songsong said, we need to put eighty percent of our focus on twenty percent of things before we can succeed. Especially for the grass-roots webmaster, refined and accurate channel is actually a better way to reduce the cost, if you do micro-blog, before WeChat, unfamiliar street, forum or play for, so when you really want to mature development, delivery will choose a fixed platform for resources, so as to more cutting face the audience.

pays attention to innovative marketing tools. The guest does not have to be a station, it may not be realized through the soft wen. Most of the webmaster is not good at personal feeling of writing, that is to say to the webmaster friends to write a little frightening possibility and ads. Even so you don’t have to worry about, the Internet is not the only guest content output way, some Adsense by other means can earn money, such as a list of recommendations, such as machine code and so on. For a list of recommended practices can be said to be completely simple, in fact I will publish some selling products to buy links together and then for you to choose, can earn money, because people have a lazy psychology, since you have the goods ready, so why don’t I use it? And the publisher is the use of secret convenient in the double eleven resulting in their hard earned. This is a good inspiration. Not what the concept of business by grand Amoy is creative, you have ideas and execution enough, write articles do not always think of a station, this will limit your thinking.

pays great attention to user’s repeated purchase ability. Until now the novice Amoy think there is a misunderstanding, that is that the station is always facing the new user, and no consideration for the old user > binding strategy

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