Site drop weight Baidu algorithm after the big update reflection

10.20, a few happy tears. The website is more improvement, to catch up with the annual Baidu big update, page down the right, turn to turn to, before the 5 page snapshot, keyword ranking is disappear

Not the least trace was found., alas!

from 10.8 to 10.9, my site had little improvement in Baidu, to more than 1000 IP, but also tasted the sweetness of good times don’t last long, and "all bitter sweet". That afternoon, a look at statistics, miserable, only from Baidu to 1IP, I want to cry without tears. It’s been almost a week, and my home page is still on the decline. I’ve been reflecting and reviewing. Algorithm updated, ranking down, there are always others stand up. Why other people can come up, but I go down? I must be the webmaster’s own responsibility, then what is the reason,


guessed that 1. was on the black chain. Although my station does not belong to this point, but should remind the webmaster to pay attention to this point, because this is very important.

guess 2. new station. Mine is the new station. It is said that the new station Baidu cold, and in March within the new sites seem to have been down right. How to make him an old station? Stick to, let him grow old chant!


guesses 3. original content is little. It’s possible, because Baidu still loves fresh blood.

guess 4. website revision. New station most bogey this. Change a few times, light down right observation, heavy is directly blocked

guess 5., poor quality of outreach. That’s probably the point. Baidu compared to GOOGLE, the focus is on the quality of the chain, followed by the quantity. Indeed, you can’t just rely on the spam link. "


summary: my station because basically complete, has been reduced to the right of the site of the various characteristics: it is new station, a few days ago just change the theme, pseudo original, acquisition mostly, the quality of the chain is very poor. Therefore, the right to be demoted is also very reasonable, in other words, this time does not drop, sooner or later drop,


reflection: several days of reflection makes me understand the direction: write honestly, according to the Ministry of Benghazi chain; do stand, diligent maintenance, conscientiously insist! Believe in tomorrow, or the keyword

belongs to me!

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