Three principles on how to do business success

successful entrepreneurs do not do too much analysis, but take a quick, inexpensive and timely manner to do a modest analysis. We summarize three guidelines:

removed without the prospect of creative

in the evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities is feasible, entrepreneurs should consider the interaction of the three factors: external environment and entrepreneurial goal change opportunity, and competition is the basis of proprietary assets or quick action. It is essential to evaluate and compare the attractiveness of entrepreneurial opportunities, i.e., risk and return. In addition, entrepreneurs should also be realistic attitude to assess their risk propensity and other personal preferences.


to save time and money, successful entrepreneurs will try to reduce the investment in the research and analysis of creative resources, so only plan and analysis necessary, necessary to make bold judgments.

in determining the focus of analysis, entrepreneurs must recognize that even further in-depth research and analysis, it still can not rule out some key factors of uncertainty. They should also avoid doing research that has no guiding significance for action. As for the plan and analysis to be done in the end, there is no standard list or generally applicable methods, but depends on the characteristics of new ventures.

the action combined with analysis of


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