The second Shanxi Cup college students entrepreneurship contest held on the 21 day

with the importance of entrepreneurial activities in Colleges and universities, the rate of College Students’ entrepreneurship has been significantly improved. College students involved in the business scope is also more and more widely, many students create a passenger to fully mobilize the creative thinking ability, showing the pioneering spirit of the younger generation of entrepreneurs.


the contest with "innovation and entrepreneurship · Jinzhong dream" as the theme, jointly organized by the Jinzhong Municipal People’s government, the Education Department of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, the office of human resources, science and Technology Department of Shanxi province and the Shanxi daily newspaper group. Competition aims to enhance the province’s College Students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial ability to attract more talented people and enterprises landing in Jinzhong, the formation of the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, a vivid situation.

activities since the start of September 22nd, has attracted from 72 universities outside the province of 1061 students and 66 graduates team teams competed in the province, 57 universities, 15 university students in Colleges and universities outside the province, nearly 10000. After the preliminaries, semi-finals review, a total of 60 college students in the group and the Graduate Entrepreneurship practice group of the 30 teams qualify for the finals.

finals will be held after the ceremony and business leaders summit. By then, there will be a well-known business leaders about entrepreneurial stories, further set off a wave of entrepreneurship.

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