Henan Province more than 90 thousand people receive subsidies for entrepreneurship training

now everywhere in the think of a way to promote local entrepreneurship and investment activities, local governments also gives a lot more preferential policies, have the good policy, the majority of entrepreneurs in the business on the road are more likely to succeed.

to give relief, Small and micro businesses in March this year, our province issued the "notice" issues related to the adjustment of the rate of unemployment insurance, the unemployment insurance rate from 3% to 2%, the year can be reduced Small and micro businesses pay unemployment insurance premium 243 million yuan. At the same time, human society, finance and other departments to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship loans, the first half of the province’s new issuing small loans 5 billion 460 million yuan, to help 76 thousand people to achieve business, of which 3600 college students venture issued loans to 310 million yuan. In strengthening the entrepreneurial support for college students, the provincial financial arrangements for 30 million yuan each year, special funds for the project through the review of each college students to give $20 thousand to $150 thousand free funding.

the Henan province has so many people get entrepreneurship training subsidies, the local government vigorously promote a local social entrepreneurship practice, at the same time, it is not only in Henan, in some other areas of the country, there are a lot of people have this kind of an entrepreneurial subsidy.


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