How much does it cost to open a bar

with the majority of consumers on the quality of life of the continuous pursuit of the increasingly high demand for entertainment, the emergence of the bar, to meet the needs of the majority of consumers’ spiritual and cultural needs to meet the needs of consumers! How much does it cost to open a bar? May wish to understand.

specific to open a bar to say how much money is very difficult to answer, after all, the situation is not the same throughout, individual choice is different, the bar how much is of course not the same, but see a cost budget or no problem, ready to open the bar you may wish to refer to.


light of these five questions is enough bundle forgive you is not on the rent.

and you open water, electricity, coal bar one day, please waiter wages you have counted? It’s not that easy to do business. How much does it cost to open a bar? Say less than 500 thousand.

open a general bar, help you count than simple account:

: artificial size business is good or bad, a year to tens of thousands of.

procedures: first select the address to the rental contract signed, after a good name to the area where the industrial and commercial nuclear; and then to the administrative departments to submit information window industry for approval. Mainly fire and sanitation, bars may also need to protect the environment and to the public security for the record, the industry sector audit qualified, the industry and Commerce will issue a business license to you; and then to the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration.

bar, adapt to the social development, adapt to the needs of the consumers, to bring more market for consumers to bring more business opportunities. I hope the above Xiaobian for you to bring the information to help you!


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