The baby shop display is undesirable

baby market is still very hot, especially after the second child policy to relax, baby market will usher in a better market opportunity. Have a great impact on the baby stores to shop business, not pay attention to, display these baby stores is intolerable.

The design of hardware and software stores

"supermarket" pay more attention to the function and price image, "high street" pay attention to the experience and life of lenovo. The two always learn from each other in the history, mutual integration, but this process may also be inappropriate for reference. Today we take a look at the children’s chain stores that are not appropriate to learn from the supermarket bar.

"floor as smooth as a mirror? Wrong!"

baby stores the floor color white, not yellow, yellow color (yellow) as the color pattern is the best performance of the floor, customer shopping guide. Some baby chain stores in China have to accept the shopping center preset bright, white and clear floor, what is the problem with this floor design?

did not consider shoppers involved and feel the

sceneThe design of

"title of the ceiling to save money? Wrong!"

lights in the baby store is also very crucial. Mothercare British store lighting design stress 4C:COMFORTABLE comfort, CONVENIENCE convenience, CONTEMPERARY sense of the times, COST costs.

for street shops, lights and a lot of functions: to attract customers — imagine in the southern rainy season or dry in winter in the North dark grey environment, showing a touch of stores as a family room or restaurant children like the warm light environment is so attractive?

double take the sense of the times and cost based on some clothing store ceiling made.

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