s the market really saturated

has a history of thousands of years in the Chinese tofu business, has still not been eliminated, making tofu business few people lose money, but also very few people can be bigger, don’t make tofu business only in such a medium level, no promotion?

of course not! Chinese people to eat more than one hundred million dollars a year, tofu, with such a huge consumer market, it should also create a number of millionaires, millionaires! What is the reason?

1, carve up the market seriously: tofu business is good, do not live too many people, the cake is big, more people, who can not eat enough;

2, the homogenization of competition: who made the bean curd are almost the same, so who buy the same, the customer has no loyalty, liquidity, in the end only resigned, sales fluctuations are difficult to control;

3, the rate of finished products is low compared with the advanced production technology such as Japan and South Korea, Chinese tofu production methods are still in the traditional Handmade era, not only the low rate of finished products, and time-consuming, increase the cost and reduce the profit in


visible to the tofu business bigger and stronger, the need to redefine the market, re create new products and new technology, so in from the disorderly competition in the same talent shows itself become the market leader,


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