The scene will be the future of red commerce business will be determined by the scene

many people do not know what is the scene of the marketing, in fact, the current popular vocabulary for people to open a new era, whether consumers or entrepreneurs should be aware of the scene marketing.

how to seamlessly connect the audience? How can we accompany them to experience the journey?

multiplied by various factors, the maximum value of the final success of the car drops harvest this activity.

What is the

use may appear in the consumer side of the media and other services at any time, according to the consumer at the time (Time), location (Place), (Occasion) of different occasions, provide information, products or services to meet the specific needs of different consumers different instant TPO.

five technical elements in the scene will reshape the era of mobile social networking marketing.

positioning system with you anywhere, let your mobile devices at any time in the social network. You and friends, businesses through the connection of the data generated by the acceptance and will become the basis for providing more accurate service. You need to manually update the data is less and less, a variety of sensors can help you achieve the goal.

each technology element that you are very familiar with, but how can they work? This depends on the imagination of the scene, to open the hole.

was limited by technical difficulty of implementation, we put the consumer experience is a journey of "demand – use" three step, marketing also recommended

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