How to cultivate core customers in retail store

each store customers can be classified, one is the core customers, there is a natural fit. Under normal circumstances, the consumption of core customers to the sales accounted for 80%, it is often said that the "28 retail terminal efficiency" (except the station, wharf, large population mobility places) the importance of visible core customers.

core customers is also the main force of the new tobacco cultivation, under normal circumstances, the new cigarette has a landing time is too late, the market is weak foundation characteristics, these characteristics are cigarette sales, the soft underbelly". Therefore, in many cases, when the new product just arrived, our retail customers are basically recommended in the core customer base. Because these customers and businesses more familiar, both sides are more trust, it is also very difficult to recommend. Only when the core customer has accepted, brand cultivation has taken the first step to success.

is the core customer service. To provide timely and thoughtful service to consumers is a prerequisite for improving the image of the business, but also the key to promote brand sales. The core customers are the valuable wealth of retail stores, retail customers in addition to maintain this relationship to "fish and water", but also on the basis of routine services, provide some value-added services to do for them. To promote the sales of new cigarettes with the influence of core customers.

do a good job in the core customer service to be based on four points: first, let the core customers know that you care about him. To always, everything, everywhere in order to safeguard the interests of the core customer responsibility, in the emotional, service and other aspects of strengthening and consolidation; secondly, to let them feel the superiority. General peacetime promotions, discounts and other activities, priority should be given to the core customers; third, the service value.

when the core customer demand, you can door-to-door, you can try to buy. Especially in the cigarette, if the tobacco companies products smoking, promotional items, to give priority to these customers; fourth, to achieve reciprocity. When these core customers home encounter weddings and funerals, to take the initiative to come, on the one hand reflects you is a loving retail customers, hand can strengthen their feelings.

two is the maintenance of core customers. The importance of core customers needless to say, the maintenance of quality, is the key to cultivate new brand. The author believes that to do a good job in the maintenance of core customers to do three aspects: first, do a good job of core customer service. To provide personalized and humanized service core customers, especially in the process of the new brand sales, to continue to collect and analyze customer feedback, the core content provided, timely adjust marketing direction, make the market satisfaction, customer satisfaction; two to understand the core of customer preferences.

this is the most basic knowledge as a retail business, if you often come, more familiar with the customer preferences do not understand, then you will

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