The Qixi Festival entrepreneurial your other half of what is a good gift

Tanabata as China’s traditional festival of lovers, giving each other gifts has become a very common thing, however, what kind of gift to give the other half really happy, this is the problem of skills. Then, the Qixi Festival entrepreneurial your partner what gift? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

if you ask entrepreneurs what they need when they feel particularly depressed, they might say, "lie down for a few million dollars, or have a free front end engineer." In the early stages of entrepreneurship, you will find success is not so easy, can not do without the help of others. Although it is not possible to achieve all the requirements, this article summarizes seven gifts that are very useful for every entrepreneur:

1. Charging accessories

once you decide to start a business, your life is always on the "on" state, especially in the early stages. Does not work on behalf of no growth or income, so many entrepreneurs will always be prepared for the model.

in order to ensure that you do not miss any details, charging treasure is an essential item, you can charge their equipment for many times. Or further, prepare a package can be installed under the charging treasure. Northface Surge II is a good choice, if you think the color is monotonous, the brand and fashion the messenger bag available, even for female entrepreneurs are rechargeable riotous with colour.

2. Adapter and connector

if they need to be in constant contact with customers and investors, they will inevitably need to make presentations in different conference rooms and activities. It is usually not possible to know in advance whether the device is compatible, even if compatible, the adapter and connection line may also be lost, damaged, or simply not available.

so a go with the technology package for entrepreneurs is very necessary, which includes a HDMI adapter, VGA adapter, Ethernet cable and other key links, so that we can demonstrate the normal. If they are using a Mac computer, make sure that you put in a lightning adapter that integrates HDMI, VGA, and Ethernet

3. Coffee shop gift card

entrepreneurs may often need to meet with customers, partners, and mentors. If they do not have their own office space, they may choose a nearby cafe as a meeting place. Gift cards allow them to keep their costs at the same time.

in the Yelp application to see what the coffee shop nearby, it is best to have a private Wi-Fi and. If it is not accurate

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