Suitable for a person to start the project

some people want to start a business, but only one person, how to run a store? We can achieve in such a store what kind of entrepreneurial effect? The key is to find a suitable for a person to start the project, then the probability of success will be larger.

convenience stores

service to run errands

for the lender "errands"! With the gradual increase of private car, the business prospects should be very broad. The rules of general hospital, from registration, waiting, doctor, blood, urine, medicine fee… No experience, upstairs and downstairs busy confused and disoriented, half day also can not see a disease. If you set up a company to run errands to the hospital, the doctor, laboratory appointment booking that deployed in advance, the patient came to the hospital, you are going to the hospital according to the area must be everything in good order and well arranged, to save time, the effectiveness of treatment progress. In addition to the previously mentioned several items, for customers to purchase cars, boats, air tickets, agents real estate transfer, to the post office to send a letter to send parcels, and even send children, etc. can become a business category.


1. staple food: bread, steamed buns, steamed bread or other pastries;

2.: pickles or other non-staple food special dishes;

3.: drink tea, coffee, milk, gruel or other liquid food;

4. design to special boxes, staple food, non-staple food, beverage in a box, it is easy to express and sale;

5. breakfast should be designed according to different regions of different tastes and healthy diet, according to the general public

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