Open car beauty stores to avoid these mistakes

private cars are now popular, open car beauty stores are also very market. But some basic skills need attention. Auto beauty franchise stores in the course of business will inevitably encounter the problem of poor management, how to deal with improper shops may cause a very bad impact. Today Xiaobian for you to share in their own car beauty shop should avoid what errors.

1, the car beauty stores no detailed market research in advance, just hearsay industry good money, rush to invest in. In foreign countries usually do to specialized market research company for special investigation business, and our people tend to mind a hot head intuitive decision making, and more factors to save the cost and is removed from this link, but also do not have the ability to make their own analysis of the market system.

2, the business of greed and novelty, ambition, ostentation and extravagance is not small, but often more than their own economic affordability. Some people have been especially successful businessman, not willing to start from the smallest company, hope is the beginning of a large scale capital starting point, make big, fixed costs a lot, but once the business enterprise encountered some difficulties, it is easy to collapse.

3, the most familiar, not from their own best business started, often heard what money is what shop, do what business, business in depth to a certain extent, they find their own experience, knowledge, ability and interpersonal relationship with the business does not match or even too far, resulting in the loss of competitive ability. These problems will arise when opening a beauty shop.

4, the price war, Chinese bargaining has now become the habits of life, while the car beauty industry circle irrational price competition has been staged, the result is either to guarantee profits or cut corners, but only to ensure the quality of profit or even a loss, such as puerile business strategy, will have to run cheap goods may.

above these errors is easy to make a lot of friends, when the car beauty shop must pay attention to. When the car beauty shop encountered difficulties, operators should not blindly carry out a variety of planning activities, if there is no choice of the method, it is easy to push into the dilemma of beauty shop.


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