Four warnings to all network entrepreneurs

fierce competition in the entrepreneurial market, and know how to innovate, know how to seize the development trend of the industry, timely change in order to survive in the entrepreneurial environment and get better development opportunities.

entrepreneurial risk – capital blindly chasing, entrepreneurial get together O2O, the



1, Ali, Jingdong is a platform based electricity supplier traffic costs are too high, we get off the line from the line to the line, the flow from the electricity supplier to the ground is a big trend.

2, some capital did not fully understand the O2O field model, capital blind chase, to some extent, boost the O2O heat.

3, entrepreneurs like to get together, homogenization serious, unwise, the entire capital market is a lack of good projects.

I will be divided into three categories: one is the O2O platform O2O company, a typical representative of Kara electricity suppliers. Two is the brand enterprise electricity supplier, the original store enterprise. Three is the service O2O, many entrepreneurs through the ultimate service to establish distribution team, in the vertical field to establish a new connection.

O2O service enterprise, because of capital, technology, system and mode for the ability of backward team building requirements are relatively high, the future may prefer a number of first! O2O service itself has a high frequency characteristic, and a lot of O2O service is a false proposition, does not have the characteristics of high frequency, but the concept of crown O2O, remodeling the O2O mode in the market. Secondly, the O2O model itself requires the establishment of service capabilities. Such as distribution capabilities, resource integration and other capital requirements.

– based entrepreneurial leadership "centralized decision-making" + with motive team

1, entrepreneurial company leaders to centralization of

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