What kind of service can be used by the toy store

customers door, sales staff how to meet, what kind of exchanges in the middle, which can directly affect the business development of the toy store. In short, for the toy store, repeat customers is the most important part of the store’s customer base, repeat the more customers, the toy store business will be booming. Let the customer feel the toy store to their value, is a good way to get back to the customer. So how to reflect the value of the customer in the sales. Here, Xiao Bian summed up the following five special services for you, hope to be able to help the toy salesman in the work to get more repeat customers.

1, promise words

"We will pay special attention to this type of toy you are interested in,"

said to the customer.

generally speaking, a customer came to the toy store, bought a toy this is a random consumer behavior, it is often difficult to have second times. However, if the toy shop can tell what he is interested in toys browsing through the customer and buy toys in the toy store, and told him to pay special attention to the will of the toys, this is the most common kind, a service term. Well, the toy store will be more than a repeat customer. When the toy clerk to the customer to make "for its attention to similar products," the commitment of the same time, is to give customers a psychological hint that the toy store can become a fixed resource.

2, stimulate the desire to buy words

allows customers to come back to the store to become repeat customers, you must let them have a great desire for a product. Therefore, the toy clerk said, this kind of toys have begun to have a new listing, will soon be cut." Will be able to successfully stimulate consumer desire to buy.

if the toy store clerk knows that a certain brand of toys has been cut down, it is very cheap and good, and of course, the value of this product is recommended to the customer, to share your information. Similarly, if you get a certain kind of brand toys immediately to the price of the news, you should also tell customers in a timely manner, let him wait a few days, after the price cut again to buy. In this way, the toy clerk will be able to win the trust of consumers, for more repeat customers.

3 and

at large the better to apprehend him.

as a toy salesman, when you said, "we do not have this kind of toys you want, there is a toy shop just a new batch of this product, you can go there to buy." To arouse the shock of the consumer heart. It is also easy to get the trust of consumers, because if the toy shop staff can recommend other businesses to customers when necessary, especially with the toy store

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