The three group started martial arts

can start martial arts like today, the entrepreneurial team is hard up this every little bit, very much in the martial arts students are a kind of training.


2014 in the summer, Zhao Shikang and Xu Jinglai to Yanqing to find old classmates — Yanqing Town Village He Yixuan reminisced, reminiscing about the past than they think have a brilliant future in the development of Yanqing martial arts, after a discussion of three people without hesitation, decided to open a China can inherit traditional culture here, carry forward the Chinese martial arts martial arts.

2015 in January 25th, founded by three martial arts graduates in Beijing Sport University, the big head martial arts museum was established in Yanqing. Director Zhao Shikang was born martial arts family, at the drunken, Pu Dao, Beijing youth Wushu competition gunshu champion; girl Xu Jing is good at Nanquan, tongbeiquan, Beijing City Games fist first; from Hebei Handan township of martial arts He Yixuan at piguaquan, apocalypse stick, National Peasant Games pigua boxing champion, apocalypse stick.

opened at the beginning, just college students naturally encountered a lot of difficulties. At first open in a residential area near the school has not received a student and the tenant rents rose the embarrassment of a month. The result is three people near to the martial arts to eat breakfast, do dumplings boss saw three girls asked not to open martial arts, and then it will be his 6 children and relatives sent to the martial arts physical fitness…… Today, from the beginning of Lai Zichen, Lai Ziyan, Liu Zijian and other 6 small students began, the team has grown, now has more than 50 students.


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