Health care industry must pay attention to the four major issues

health care products is an emerging industry, with people’s health and health requirements are getting higher and higher, health care products gradually attracted people’s attention. Health care products development chain channels, in order to achieve success, you need to be down-to-earth, do pre-sales planning, sale of warm service and after-sale protection. Specifically, is to do the following four points, a look at it!

unified store imageThe biggest difference between

but is often due to these seemingly trivial, no matter the foot do not have the details, resulting in part of the chain store inventory is not reasonable, join the flow of funds business is not smooth, affected the enthusiasm of terminal franchisee. Therefore, in the early stages of sales should be careful to do a good job in the construction of logistics system.

once in a financial part of the problem, resulting in capital chain rupture, brings to the enterprise will be a fatal blow. Therefore, the money is not necessarily a good thing, how to do a good job of financial management, the effective and safe management of money, the use of good to keep the business cycle.

staff training and management

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