Shishi in the country the first to put forward the concept of buyers sinks

as a clothing buyer, whether or not to go around to look like clothing procurement? A designer of the design of the kind of clothing can be more downstream brands and manufacturers? How to upgrade from OEM to ODM? Garment manufacturing supporting surface accessories can be in place? Is there a platform to provide independent designers, clothing brand companies, garment manufacturers, garment manufacturers supporting the integration of enterprises and buyers to provide a one-stop solution?

2014 in May 28th to 30 in Fujian, Shishi held 2014 Chinese (Shishi) textile apparel buyer exchange "accurately targeting this gap in the market, in the domestic first proposed the" buyer exchange "this concept, the first national buyers market, building China clothing design Silicon Valley, to build a win-win situation for buyers and designers and garment manufacturing enterprises, clothing brand enterprises platform.

2014 Chinese (Shishi) textile and apparel Buyers exchange plan launched by independent designers, fashion show design studio, the well-known clothing OEM manufacturing enterprises and European fashion brand clothing display and exchange, publishing industry trends, and actively guide the garment manufacturing enterprises increased from OEM to ODM, to enhance product development of garment manufacturing enterprise market competitiveness for buyers, designers and exhibitors win-win ecosystem, open up the whole industry chain Chinese garment industry product development, procurement, production and sales.

"buyers exchange" this concept first proposed by Shishi is not surprising, as the Shishi clothing city has been making efforts to promote the development strategy of "Oriental Milan", and has many prominent Title China leisure clothing city, Chinese garment industry cluster, the ten model Chinese garment sourcing base. Echoing with the textile and garment manufacturing, Shishi and nearly more than 3 thousand corporate headquarters, more than 10 thousand business shops nationwide professional fabric market, there are more than 10 thousand kinds of new materials listed and sell all over the world every year, the annual turnover of more than 30 billion yuan, is the main market of cloth. Shishi has nearly 5000 garment enterprises, annual industrial output value of 60 billion yuan, there are many well-known brands, such as CABBEEN, Fuguiniao, edenbo, ya, Wirancis, Carlos, langdao high and a large number of outstanding enterprises, upstream textile industry of downstream garment industry sustainable development plays an important supporting role, the annual garment enterprises invest a lot of money in product development, the brand style of clothing purchase, is an important way of product integration development.

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