Rural real estate business is the last word

rural stores have been restricted by geographical conditions, operating naturally has its own characteristics. But how to operate in rural stores, many shopkeepers do not know how to do, leading to poor store management. In fact, the purchasing power of the rural market is relatively large, and supermarkets generally only one or two. Therefore, in view of this situation, our rural owner should focus on product quality and price, and can not simply imitate the city supermarket pushing a new through the store to attract customers, to know that this is not a small investment, and is not a kind of rural.

some supermarkets do not even plaque. During the interview, a rural shopkeeper said to me: "I am the only one in our village supermarket, you know, so I don’t have hanging plaque, I think it doesn’t make any sense, we here foreign personnel less, supermarket basically is the face of the local people, we all know I in the supermarket, so I without any publicity, customers will naturally come to us to buy. To know how to make a plaque is also a lot of money, said the customer simply do not look at this."

he’s talking a lot, and there’s some truth in it. Rural market than the city market, many times, lower their costs, but also a profitable channel. In addition to not doing these meaningless investments, the most important thing is the quality of rural customers and the price of goods. Some farmers think that only my family, no matter what kind of goods, no matter what kind of price, customers have to buy in me. In fact, this approach is wrong, if the energy is used in this overbearing marketing, then it is bound to affect their development. You know, customers are not stupid, they will be compared.

if the quality of your goods, the supermarket is not good, the price is expensive, if once again opened a supermarket, then I am afraid that you will be in limbo. By that time, the customers are running, I’m afraid you have to close the door. In view of this situation, the owner must not be superior, that he is the only, not what the world only, if the customer’s opinion of you is not good, then you should be careful, because you’re in danger of imminent.

is now the rural people’s spending power has been improved, rural shops, if properly managed, business is actually very easy hot. But want to make rural stores can cater to more consumers, naturally also need to really grasp the needs of the store owner of the psychological needs of consumers, to carry out relevant activities, will make the shop business is more popular. The above Xiaobian introduced a skill, if you are the owner of the rural store, you know how to operate it?

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