Special breeding project summary

with the expanding market demand, the traditional culture has been unable to meet the market demand, cannot meet the needs of the market, now, small for everyone to share, gathers the most popular special aquaculture to you, build up the family fortunes no longer worry.

insects chicken breeding

if you have feeding conditions, can be assured of development. The cow is at present in our country the development potential of livestock. It breeds the level of productivity, the cow is raising higher pay for livestock, the feed conversion rate in livestock and poultry in the first, is to get rich at present broad prospects for development.


the recent Hebei Lixian County history, Suning, the village is still the market of blue fox sales stable, especially more than 90 cm, hair density Zhichang 4 cm above the sliver road is relatively fast, the price of 450 yuan / Zhang; in addition, the blue fox fur collar Road, Mao Qi Zhiqiang needle is fast, but the price is relatively low, 85 cm 280 yuan / Zhang, a road in the 420 yuan / Zhang, this requires the blue fox farms to intensive cultivation. Fox as the country’s most profitable projects, has helped countless farmers become rich when the boss.

Blue Peacock


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