Let red wine be your guide

quality of life with the arrival of the era of twenty-first Century, citizens for each industry, the demand of product was changed, the wine industry is even more so, people want to drink a health drink grade, then the wine will naturally become the consumers preferred!

Global  Wine  Mike · co-founder of Partners company; Fisher (Mike  Fisher) said, because consumers are increasingly concerned about the more food and beverage brand, high-end market is growing Wine. The company provides business and financial advisory services to the wine industry. He predicted that this consumption trend is long-term.

however, Wine industry also has pressure. Competition is very fierce, start-up costs are high, but these obstacles are not insurmountable or inevitable. "In this industry, need to have entrepreneurial spirit, to create many high start-up costs do not necessarily need the opportunity," Michael · Green (Michael  Green) said that he believes that this industry can accommodate all types of entrepreneurs.

Evaluation of

Green has reason to believe. When he was 6 years old, he began to get in touch with wine, and he took care of a wine shop with his father. As one of the founders of the best wine cellar, as well as a food magazine wine and wine consultant, Green accumulated a lifetime experience.

of the wine industry investment choice is wise, with the increasing of the society, drinking red wine will become an inevitable trend in the future, to open a Wine village or joining a Wine brand can help you get on the road to success!


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