What should be noticed in the lighting of Hamburg

store lighting will also affect the business of a store, if you want to open a hamburger shop, then in the lighting should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

now Hamburg stores, we want to provide our customers with a good atmosphere of the diet, Hamburg store lighting should pay attention to what? The environment will directly lead to the consumer’s mood, we can create the atmosphere of the restaurant through the restaurant lighting.

Hamburg franchisee warm tips, Hamburg store lighting to pay attention to what? Store decoration, lighting is very big impact on the environment, now the buildings are more reliable, it is difficult for us to transform the original building, so we can through the lights on the restaurant environment change.

burger now can be said to be full of the street, has formed a certain inherent mode, so that consumers will be very disgusted, Hamburg store lighting to pay attention to what? Because there is no more what fresh hamburger stores is the kind of simple decoration, bright lights, not what the dining atmosphere at all, is like the foreign fast food we can to Chinese fast-food restaurant decoration style reference, now the Chinese restaurants there are many shops began to use the characteristics of the decoration, and make their own food out of the ordinary shop.

in Hamburg stores, our lighting tools is not necessarily a light bulb, Hamburg store lighting should pay attention to what? We can put some candles on the table, and we will do some tricks in the shape of the candle above, we use cute unique candles, not only can play the function of lighting can also decorate our environment.

in Hamburg, we can also put a few floor lamp, so that it will make consumers more warm. In the light of the color selection above we should try to choose warm colors, we need to know is in the restaurant, the largest not for lighting lighting but the atmosphere, so the restaurant should not use incandescent lamp, bright.


above is about some matters needing attention in Hamburg store lighting, we hope to a lot of attention, only to know, to open their own business to join the better, want a better shop business, to join!

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