Trilogy of service

different shops, the service can be different, the experience of the customers will naturally be different, so that the degree of attracting customers will be different. A few days ago to go to a hardware store to buy a washing machine dedicated taps, because I am not very familiar with these objects, asked a number of professionals in the seemingly too superficial problem, so that the shop owner is very impatient. I have an excuse to leave the store, but did not buy things for their deep remorse and disturb the other time "". But I’m determined not to step on the door again.


in the evening a few days later, I got off the bus, see a pharmacy, there are sporadic in. The clerk said hello to me and asked what he wanted. She said well, not like some of the shopping guide to continue to cross sell. In the meantime, a customer wants to buy a bottle of vitamin E tablets, because they can get 1 boxes of vitamin C tablets, but the clerk told her that the activity is over.

saw that the customer was a little disappointed, and the clerk went on to say, "wait a minute," and then call the boss to ask if you can make the lady enjoy the offer and get a positive answer. For customers to install the drug, the clerk also asked to eat vitamin C do not eat shrimp and other seafood, so as not to cause allergies. See this scene, I secretly in the heart of the waiter point praise.

I turned around in the store, did not find the medicine to buy, after the purchase of the informed, help me in the computer system for inquiries. After a while, she told me that there is no time, I want to leave the phone, and so on the day after the arrival of the drug to contact me. From the beginning to the end, she smiled, anxious not to fire in the cold winter, her smile brings me warmth and warmth.

as a business, open the door to do business, in the premise of good quality of goods, their service is a key element. Good attitude, good service, customers buy comfortable, naturally will often patronize. On the contrary, unenthuasiastic, black face, or even make impertinent remarks, for many, many years to come, the nature of a deserted house, business is bleak.

how to do a good job of service, I think of a trilogy".

First of all, the

service at ease". The customer is the merchant Yisifumu, now customers have more choices, more and more on the shopping experience, so businesses should put the service in a prominent position. At the same time, the relationship between businesses and customers is not easy to buy and sell, the door is the guest, should really put the service in the heart, cherish the fate, honest, even if the customer for various reasons not to buy things, businesses should also do the same, can not be discounted in the service.

secondly, the service "hanging on the face". As the saying goes: the hand is not a slap in the face. Especially in the face of customers, in the face of strangers, smile can give each other a sense of intimacy, to the other side with positive energy. Same >

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