Listen to sweet potato prince to share his entrepreneurial experience

contemporary college students at the time of graduation are often confronted with huge pressure in the job, students are busy in your resume interview, the 22 year old boy has his own career, is worthy of the name of the entrepreneurial reds.

try to sell sweet potato

job frustration

the sweetness of half a month to open two stores

"my target is college students, so the store opened around the school." Shao Licheng said, after the opening, the sales of sweet potato square is much better than I expected, the daily turnover of more than 100 yuan." Shao Licheng said that he will be in Qingdao to the friends of the store to do, in November 20th, he opened a branch next to the Shandong Economic University.

"at the beginning, where the store purchase over 5 yuan, I will send a small gift. I also put their own production of sweet potato on the poster in the store." Shao Licheng said that the first day of the opening of the store in Ji’nan, he continued to promote the sale of all products half off, second days, thirty percent off days, third days, and so the store more customers, and then the original price sales. "The students all jokingly called my boss, there are many to come to learn. In fact, I shop is not how much money, but learned experience, exercise their ability." Shao Licheng said that from the current store recommended

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