2015 Xingtai youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals open

this year, all over the country have organized innovation and entrepreneurship competition, many outstanding young entrepreneurs on the same stage of the competition, to show their earnings. Some of them have some commercial prospects for the project favored by investors.

2015 Xingtai youth entrepreneurship contest sponsored by the Xingtai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Yongkang real estate development group, aims to provide young people with entrepreneurial innovation project investment to build a docking platform, and stimulate the economic development of the Xingtai City Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship awareness, help. Since the beginning of June this year, a total of 103 teams from Beijing, Tianjin region to participate in the project, after a rigorous review of the audit, the final of the most innovative and business prospects of the project into the final 23.

11 11 am, the person in charge of the project by way of speech, followed by the introduction of the mode of operation of the project, profit channels, etc., and the scene to accept the judges scoring.

but it is best not to college students entrepreneurship contest as the only way to display and merchants, most investors are not because of statements and show a short period of time and decided to invest. But the competition for the training of students’ business awareness and sense of capital can still play a positive role.

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