Yangtze River Delta roadshow center held in Yangpu each year to start the business contest

has been the Yangtze River Delta economic development areas, at the same time, is also a paradise for entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to provide a better business environment, the Yangtze River Delta roadshow center was established in Yangpu, and holds a contest of innovation and entrepreneurship.

4 on Sept. 5 news: according to the "Labor News" reported that the day before, by the government of Yangpu District, Tongji University, Shanghai Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship lead with many well-known entrepreneurs and investors, the roadshow Center Co sponsored the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta was founded at Tongji University, entrepreneurs, Junyao group president Wang Junhao, chairman Tang Jun of minimally invasive Chinese, Microsoft Greater China service and support group president Xu Hui attended the opening ceremony.

and the center with the construction of innovative Yangpu District construction of the national pilot city spirit, and learn from the advanced experience of the international organization of innovation and entrepreneurship, to explore the Shanghai regional economic development and the Internet era of information industry structure adjustment, innovation and transformation and upgrading development needs innovation ecosystem.

it is reported that after the establishment of the roadshow center held every two weeks during the project roadshow, every 3 months to start a period of entrepreneurship training camp, each month organized two well-known entrepreneurs and industry leaders theme salon sharing, held a ten annual Internet Entrepreneur Award, ten Internet entrepreneurs hold a cutting-edge. The Yangtze River Delta region innovation contest every year.

the Yangtze River Delta economic development have been walking in the front, focus on talent, entrepreneurs here very much, in order to help the development of innovation and entrepreneurship policy better, natural to 100% to help.


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