How to improve the level of the cigarette shop operators

husband and wife shop, business can often be more peace of mind, resulting in the retail industry now has a large number of couples shop. In the course of the visit, I found a lot of retail customers are the couple shop". However, because of its different means of operation, some business booming, some slightly deserted. So, the "husband and wife shop" should be how to improve the level of cigarette management? I think we can start from the following three aspects:

reasonable arrangement of manpower

generally, usually "couple shop" business is not very busy, in addition to two couples to the store during the holiday season and sit outside, the rest of the time a person will be able to take care of the store, in this case, the reasonable arrangement of human can make the management level to further improve.

as the saying goes, internal and external division of labor, work easily. When idle, two couples best one cannon, one in the lord. The cannon is mainly responsible for the two aspects, one is to observe the market, understand the market, understand the market dynamics, completes the cigarette purchase plan according to the situation, to ensure that the brand is complete, best-selling cigarette; two is often visited, observe other shops, and others learn, learn from the advanced experience of others. For example, the establishment of the container, the placement of cigarettes, the skills to attract customers, etc., and then discuss the main, improve and perfect their own store operations.

as the saying goes, the male Lord outside, female lord. The author believes that the two men and women need not be restricted by this concept shop. If the husband is introverted, not good at communicating with others, and the wife is more outgoing, suitable for dealing with people, so his wife ran outside, husband sit shop, this would be a reasonable arrangement of human resources. $page$

change service mode

most of the shops are mainly sit shop business, this is "making other flowers" pattern of sales. "Husband and wife shop" usually redundant human resources, it is best to take the initiative to serve the door. May wish to print its own name card to some, some nearby units, hotels and entertainment, when they need a cigarette or other goods, will call to the store, shop according to customer requirements to provide door-to-door service. This cigarette sales have a greater role in promoting.

door-to-door, the customer is willing to work hard, not only convenient and timely, but also to save customers time. For operators, but also run a little more than a little way, a little hard, but invisible harvest is not small. Because this convenient, timely service will give customers a good impression, the customer will naturally give you a good reputation, which is tantamount to free to you live advertising.

timely adjustment strategy


said "shop" usually not too busy, can be controlled by a cannon. However, holidays

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