The first national catering industry youth entrepreneurship innovation project selection held succes

Chinese people pay attention to eat, eat and eat, in China engaged in the food and beverage industry has always had good prospects for development. Many young entrepreneurs in the new era of innovative food and beverage business projects, with innovative spirit of food and beverage business to upgrade.

to build a platform for the innovation of youth entrepreneurship "first national catering industry youth entrepreneurship innovation project contest ends 18 days in Beijing.

by Chinese (Pengxie) Cuisine Association hosted the tournament, has produced new products, new models; also produced new services and new formats.

he said, Pengxie will focus on "innovation delicacy" industrial development, to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs of technology, capital, development and management, build accurate catering business industry chain, inject new vitality for the catering industry.

Pengxie will continue for the entrepreneurial innovation project "dataichangxi, let innovation project entrepreneurs get on a bigger stage to show skills, let the investment intentions of the entrepreneur Huiyanshizhu, complete the creative potential, down to earth, the project investment; let young entrepreneurs move forward in the restaurant in a go.

Chinese to implement the State Council "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation and entrepreneurship guidance" of the spirit, Pengxie in the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League under the guidance and support, in September 6th this year, officially launched the first national catering industry youth entrepreneurship innovation project selection. A total of 130 young entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the country to participate in the competition. After the preliminaries, semi-finals, finals of the layers of selection, and ultimately produced 20 winning award, the most investment value of the brand, and the next three years, the future of the restaurant industry star".

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