What do you do in 2016 Small environmental protection project market

entrepreneurship can not only be able to do it, if you want to make your own business can be rewarded, but also need to have the right entrepreneurial choice. So, what do you do in 2016? Small environmental protection project is actually very good.

to enter the field of environmental protection of the state capital, there is a certain threshold: one is the qualification threshold, two is the capital threshold, such as investment in the registered capital must be accounted for 20% of the investment project, if involved in sewage treatment projects, also need half a year operation period. Therefore, for ordinary entrepreneurs, may wish to choose a number of small projects to invest in environmental protection.

environmental protection pen

2016 what to do poineering work good? The use of waste paper production pencil market. 1 cubic meters of basswood pencil production of about 30 thousand, and 1 tons of waste paper can produce about 180 thousand pencils. It can not only save wood, manufacturers will cost only 10% of the original.

Guangzhou, an environmentally friendly pencil entrepreneurs to 300 thousand yuan from Guizhou, a scientific research experts to buy the old newspaper pencil system in Guangzhou, settled in production, achieved remarkable results. In the production workshop, people witnessed the process of producing the pencil with waste paper: workers put a stack of papers is divided into six large pieces, then roll to the graphite pencil, and then by a special glue machine for processing…… A few minutes later, a pencil was made. It is understood that this environmentally friendly pencil has passed the United States ASTM fire safety performance testing and European EN-71 safety standards.

renovation of waste batteries

2016 what to do poineering work good? Lead acid battery has been widely used as a reserve power supply because of its excellent reversibility (repeated storage and release of energy), and its design life can reach 10 years. However, due to sulfation, more than 90% of the actual life of lead-acid batteries is only about 1 to 2 years, while the domestic lead-acid battery shelf life is generally only about 6 to 12 months.

according to the relevant data show that China’s annual retirement of lead-acid batteries up to about 80000000, even small and medium cities every year there are tens of thousands of battery scrap. Because of the large amount of waste batteries on the environment, so the state of the waste battery management is very strict. Renovation of waste batteries can generate income, but also conducive to environmental protection, the market is still blank in the local market, the development prospects.

as an example of the renovation of vehicle battery. What do you do in 2016? Open a car with scrap batteries refurbished shop, you can rent a 10 square meters of the venue, the equipment is only a multimeter, a hydrometer, a charger and a variety of chemical raw materials, with a total investment of less than $1000. A >

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