Smoke king Zhu Shijian 75 years old start again become orange King

smoker may know a person that is Zhu Shijian, he is the king of the smoke is worthy of the name, many years ago he became the largest supplier of cigarettes, now 75 years old and he start again, this time he is not the kind of tobacco, but oranges, orange won the king’s reputation, at the age of 75 he is how to do it, let’s take a look!

he personally created the tobacco Empire

in the contemporary economic and social development Chinese, successful entrepreneurs like Zhu Shijian meet the eye everywhere, but change radically, octogenarian to stage a comeback, the legendary and the edification and education of entrepreneurs, I am afraid it is difficult to find second people.

1949, he hesitate to participate in the revolution, but in 1957 due to the justice, to be alienated people, from the beginning of his 20 years of dark days. In 1979, Zhu Shijian, who just took off his right wing, was appointed to the Yuxi cigarette factory on the verge of bankruptcy. Although has to "know destiny" in the early age, but carry a gun, when the administrative personnel chief, and later made a political mistake because all life suffered Zhu Shijian, but in the factory workshop management dilapidated and backward, from the tobacco field to a workshop revolutionary enterprise reengineering.

finally to the bitter fight with pioneering innovation, the farmers of the tobacco factory into the "first workshop" to make the cigarette quality and brand, leading enterprises to grow, rising rapidly, creating a national reputation of the economic miracle, he also in 1986 and served as president of the Yuxi tobacco companies Manager, District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau director.

under the leadership of Zhu Shijian, Hongta tobacco group and the product rule the roost in the country, and A new force suddenly rises., led to the rise of Yunnan tobacco. Not only built the first in Asia, the world’s fifth tobacco Empire, but also a strong move to corporate workers and local farmers out of poverty.

He played for the Hongta

in 18 years, the fixed assets of enterprises from tens of millions of yuan to 7 billion yuan, profits and taxes of nearly 20 billion yuan, for the country a tax of nearly 100 billion yuan, plus the Hongta Mountain brand value of about 40000000000 for the country, he contributed more than 140 billion yuan, has made an outstanding contribution to the national economy and the local development, become the all knowing "tobacco king", one of the most red SOE leaders, won the national labor model, the national labor medal, the national outstanding entrepreneurs, national "ten reform influential man".

Zhu Shijian, the development of state-owned enterprises and create a miracle operation experience around lips, his words even described as "imperial edict", he himself has become the industry "the godfather". A cigarette factory to get him to the "red carpet shop has been pass precious knowledge to others, to the outside factory far away. He was able to perform wonders, recommended

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