Young farmers entrepreneurship government support

a lot of young farmers have a certain degree of work experience and knowledge, they have to start their own businesses, hard to get rich, so for young entrepreneurs, the government holds what attitude?

now, although there are a large number of rural young migrant workers to do business, but after high quality education and professional technical training is one of the few people, difficult to meet and adapt to the social needs of the talents, but also directly affect the migrant workers improve their income. To strengthen the rural youth training, improve their level of knowledge and professional skills, has become a key factor to strengthen the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction, is to promote a large number of rural labor force transfer booster.

to strengthen professional skills training for rural youth, is a long-term project, to mobilize all sectors of society especially need to actively participate in government departments.


government departments at all levels should be duty bound to try to put the masses concerned, in line with public opinion.


day ago, the Agriculture Department of Shaanxi province and the provincial Corporation signed a joint cooperation agreement to promote rural youth to increase income, respectively, from the project, training, technology, science and technology services, to create the conditions for the majority of rural youth entrepreneurship employment platform. This is a good start.

hope quickly implement the policy, let go on the broad road rich farmer friend!

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