Before joining the company to do a good job in the investigation is necessary

entrepreneurial force rising number, the franchising industry bursting with popularity, many people think that the prospects for the development of franchising industry excellent. Backed by a good shade trees, joined the strength of the enterprise also need to take a good look.

product value chain, is the first franchise store as a prerequisite, unique products is the key to ensure the survival and profitability of stores, franchise, first to see whether it has the value chain planning and product development capabilities and products, stores continue to operate, the product is the core element of the franchise the development of enterprises to join is the use of his grasp of the characteristics of product research and development capabilities, others don’t have, or deep processing products, or products of cultural extension, or acquire products or sources of raw materials, products have patents and management rights.

system is the key

system is standard, the standard is boring for most operators, especially for some applies to join forms of store operators, the system is useless, according to the franchisee can not play a role, the equivalent of a beautiful bubble. When you join the franchise system, in addition to the direction of the franchise to provide you with the obligations of the market, the ability to resist the risk of the other one by your own.

Are on both sides of the constraint

throughout some foreign franchise business, franchise system set up in great detail, doctrines 189799 can form numbers and operation flow chart, especially in the project budget, the cost of each item expenditure and expected expenditures are very detailed, is the implementation of the budget table, by the end of the real benefits and not much difference between the budget camp. Do not attach importance to the system, we have no foundation.

again, the promotion of ideas

now talk of capitalism to extract surplus value, is not recommended

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