Korean homes have been able to develop these 9 years can be called the golden period of brand rise

China business circle for some brands provide a good development environment, many of them rely on the brand business achievements of the soil to thrive, good brand strength, starry is such a miracle brand.

starry in Korea is started, a number of Taobao stores earlier China survivors, and is now the Taobao stores countless examples. Over the past nine years, Han Yi homes, the team expanded from 40 to more than 2 thousand and 600 people, the annual transaction from 200 thousand to 1 billion 500 million, it has long faded, purchasing the gene, a fashion label. What is the way to survive?

"team" is the engine of

this fast track marketing mode, because Zhao Yingguang is a chance to learn the road. September 2007, Zhao Yingguang visited a South Korean daily sales of up to about 1000000 yuan, so he was shocked. Since then, he began a product based system as the core of a single product throughout the operating system (IOSSP), the exploration of a unique business model.

that company to group, leadership and administrative management service. In the smallest business unit, to achieve relative unity of responsibility, right and benefit ", for the design, production, sales, inventory and other aspects of the whole data tracking, to achieve the fine operation of each commodity.

great times are often so open: when the door is pushed away, is often silent and soundless, people are sleeping. Only when the light comes in, people will be awakened, the sound of praise.

with 80, 90 to become the mainstream of society, starry are constantly exploring, what exactly about what consumers concerned about love. What kind of good products to impress them.

2015 July an event, so that Wu Zhiyu has been memorable.

the autumn comes on-line recommendation

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