Novice open bag shop to avoid what errors

women’s business is better to do, they love beauty, for many small accessories, clothing, shoes, bags, etc. have a small demand for the pursuit of fashion instinct, so that they can not buy enough. Open bag shop is a good choice, a variety of fashion bags, can attract the attention of many women of beauty, can be said to be a good choice for the four seasons of profitability. So, novice open bag shop to avoid what errors? Come and see.

first, take too many goods for the first time

in front of the shop, I believe many people think a new store must be full of goods to attract people! So I took a lot of bags, put the shop full of the package is a good thing, but why not take it? We don’t know how to classify yourself into the bag, like me, put the bag into a swing back up, immediately found my bag is black, and it is impossible to find large, delicate little package, although I put every single bag out look, feel good, but I the whole store a piece of black, it was a bit boring! So many of these bags tell me how to digest it!

two, out of the mass


the whole store is upscale package (for us, we are the county, my bag all the purchase price is about 120), I have a certain location is set at the consumption capacity of the woman, not student sister business, according to the truth should be right, but a lot of things, not the way you think and a woman can be said to be the richest man in town, she bought a bag, just put the price cut very low, do not buy high! Really can give money to buy a pack of women too little, I opened the store, a lot of women into view, but a look at the price of all shook his head away, if I wasn’t a single commodity, also some benefits of the bag, I think I should do a lot of business!

three, do not understand the habit of using a package before opening the shop

must know the woman does not love most of what kind of bag that pack, you don’t go into the bag, such as some looks very good-looking, but it is more complicated to open the bag, the bag for a long time, almost no one to buy, and shoulders, shoulder the difference, as well as package weight, there are many. Is I never thought before the opening.

four, a group of goods

you I want to store except a group take, put the good-looking, but the customer is coming presbyopia, don’t know what, but according to the group holding, will reduce a lot of a lot of styles.

novice open bag shop, not because of what experience, often go to a lot of detours, particularly in purchase, want to ensure smooth operation, avoid the waste of money, we should learn the successful experience of others, to avoid some.

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