Master Zhao Lei online selling vegetables monthly income 100 thousand

Internet has penetrated into all aspects of our life, online shopping is also very love shopping, so open shop is one by one, want to say today is a master of the open shop in the online selling vegetables story, he is a good shop business now, to sell 100 thousand dollars for a month, take a look at how he did it.


open shop crack production and marketing problems

29 year old Zhao Lei, undergraduate school of business administration, is currently studying at the Yangtze University, the master of the rural regional economy. Every time back to his hometown in Honghu, Zhao Lei heard the villagers complained that the kind of things to sell, worry about the market.

"hometown of agricultural products rich in variety, good quality, but due to geographical remoteness, the older generation of farmers do not have a strong sense of market economy, it is difficult to find sales channels." Zhao Lei said that in order to solve this problem, he sprouted the idea to get the farm to sell online, but must not simply sell primary products, should extend the industrial chain.

for this reason, Zhao Lei actively visit the local agricultural products processing enterprises, learning excellent enterprise "order agriculture" approach. "Simply put, that is, I opened the shop to help companies sell products, companies designated acquisition of our village farmers grow agricultural products." Zhao Lei said, at the beginning, companies are holding the attitude to try to let him sell help on the Internet, did not think he only spent a month’s time to complete the enterprise a year of online sales, which makes enterprises sit up and take notice, immediately signed a cooperation agreement.


current monthly sales of over 100 thousand yuan

combined with their own professional, Zhao Lei side of the online sales, while the background data analysis. "This is the biggest difference between online sales and corporate sales, through the network, I can get first-hand consumer demographic data, so you can focus on the development of key markets." Zhao Lei said, at present, in addition to Hong Kong and Macao, his shop products have been in full swing in the country, through the evaluation of the online consumer, he learned around the consumer preferences, and timely feedback to the enterprise, allow enterprises to increase the variety, improve the packaging, and the first hand customer information is not timely grasp the enterprise when the original independent operation.

since May 2014, Zhao Lei shop products have been up to 40 balance, Honghu lotus, lotus seeds, lotus carp, etc.. "Every product, we have different definitions of, for example some is used to attract traffic, do not make money; some are mainstay store; there are several claims in luxury, not a lot of people to buy, but lucrative." Zhao Lei said, open shop, pay attention to recommend

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