Business location mezzanine shop is a good choice

if entrepreneurs are now site selection, a lot of people may be taking into account the flow is relatively large area, for the sandwich such an address may not want to think about. However, Xiao Bian said here, entrepreneurial location, mezzanine shop can also be a good choice oh.

had a friend to say, before she was at work, a lift handle cover, the elevator door design is quite unreasonable, her hands almost destroyed on the spot. And that was just the beginning of the company, not to say that the infirmary, and even emergency medicine is not. In desperation a colleague said that memorizing the dissection seems to be a common medicine small pharmacy, so buy medicine and first aid products, after slightly, dressed to go to the hospital, the hospital of the people to say not emergency measures to do well, at least to have a scar.

later, the friend is not in the company, would find a small sandwich, opened a convenience store: inside to sell some daily health supplies, first-aid kit and some snacks, drinks and the like, but some customers.

the idea that she opened the little shop was based on her own experience. She said, although we work is work, but it’s hard to say no this or that accident, since there is the possibility to do, do not open a home? Her shop decoration is very close to the people, since the opening, some careless girl to buy sanitary products, and some customers need medicine. Of course, more or small white-collar workers to buy some snacks and water, the summer popsicle sales are great.

refers to the so-called sandwich, sandwich is arranged between the business floor, floor, mezzanine height shorter than normal floors, a lot of people to teach business people say is not suitable for the sandwich shop, but it should analyze specific issues: sandwich rent less, less popular, floor view as generally open, but some much-needed, convenience store, something that is not a good choice: if it is allowed to use commercial and residential buildings, can also provide people need some living above, such as laundry, pet shop etc. — who can provide convenience store, can be considered to set up in the sandwich.

there is a situation of sandwich shop is also a relatively good choice, is to allow the light conditions in the lights and windows, a style of ice cream shop in sandwich or exotic coffee lovers. Because of the problem will not affect the height of the shops, but on the contrary will create a good atmosphere. For example Shanghai Aidengbao cafe in Shandong Road No. 311 building a sandwich.


building should be said is a product of space saving, and so little in psychology has a rather than stand out "privacy", so some like coffee shops will be more appropriate, or like.

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