Cosmetic mirror for the store to win more customers

help stores attract more tourists, which is the hope of every owner. But to achieve this desire, it is necessary to take concrete actions. In this paper, Xiao Bian will introduce a small case to increase the source of the method, which is to add a make-up mirror for the store, which can attract more customers.

once I went to a friend’s house. Friends in the mall to sell clothes, I am a more able to find new things. I found a big mirror in front of the door of her shop. I didn’t understand, since there was a mirror inside the shop, but why would you put it on the outside? Seeing that I don’t understand, my friend let me watch the lines of communication slowly.

I according to her careful observation, it was found that many people went to the mirror and not look, is that a few eye special key, his friends shop special clothes in the mirror to find their own clothes shop will be in a mirror at the same time, it has brought opportunities for themselves.

not really, there is a pedestrian in the mirror and found a dress is very nice, so I came in, after some bargaining, the man really bought a $200 dress. Through this thing, I was filled with a thousand regrets. A friend can do business, and her mirror not only wins the customer but also gains the income.

affected by her and stimulate, I also intend to put something in the supermarket door, in order to attract customers. After research and investigation, I will have been placed in the warehouse of a large mirror moved to the supermarket door. The mirror is relatively large, because of particularly large, so usually do not, this is one of my relatives, relatives of the original leader of a unit, and later retired, the mirror to him, but he did not use, so they gave me.

since I put the mirror down in front of the supermarket, it is like a bodyguard standing at the door. Gradually, I found that when passing pedestrians will occasionally look, gradually mirror people up. At the same time, my supermarket customers are really rising. In particular, some women, but also a non-stop. My mirror is more beautiful, can reflect the curve of the United States, at the same time very soft, so to give pedestrians a good mood. With this, I found that I have more income.

although only a small move, but the store business has such a big impact. So, if you want to increase the popularity of the store, many times only need to master a small way. So, if you happen to be a shopkeeper, such a management method, you will use it?

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