What tips do summer shop marketing

spring has come, the summer will not be far away, and in the hot summer, many people will not go out because of fear of heat, which will naturally make the store’s business greatly reduced. Scorching summer, the flow of scarce, sluggish sales, retail customers suffered during this cold period, which is what we call the off-season sales". Off-season is a necessary phenomenon in the store business, and how to deal with and solve it in the off-season? How can we make the off-season colorful? In this regard, the author interviewed several excellent retailers in Binzhou, Shandong,, he (she) who marketing tips and suggestions for your reference and reference.

retail customers: Wang Xiying

marketing means: by tradesmen change merchants

hot summer, hot weather makes people feel intolerable heat, mood irritability. During this period, people’s outdoor activities is relatively reduced, most people choose to stay at home to enjoy the cool, then I will by "tradesmen" change "salesmen", take the initiative to go out that customer service, based on years of experience, this is a great way to promote sales.

of course, if you can take a few more powerful communities of the Highlands, it is better able to cut the biggest piece of cake in the competition. I think, as a business, not in the so-called "off-season sales" in the "sit still" can not develop "by doing nothing," the conservative management consciousness. Some retailers are afraid of trouble or too hot, just waiting for customers to come, the results may lose a lot of business opportunities.

retail customers: summer

marketing approach: work hard on the price

with the arrival of summer, the weather is more inflamed hot, people’s desire to buy a natural relatively weak, especially in 7 and August, few people are willing to braved the scorching sun to shopping malls. If you want to maintain a high traffic, you must work hard in the price. At this time of the year, I according to consumer groups, consumer psychology, the introduction of the "summer discount" as the main activity, or introduce some cheap goods to stimulate consumption, or the price to a minimum, and the introduction of premium gifts, in order to attract a number of consumers shopping enthusiasm, to promote the sale of goods.

retail customers: Zhang Xiuchun

marketing approach: appropriate promotion

in the hot summer weather, many consumers are not willing to go shopping in the scorching sun, in order to attract customers to go out shopping, I launched the market promotion, 18:00~21:00 every day is a leisure time after work, many consumers after dinner, I use during the day phase of this period of time to cool, by carrying out "

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