2016 entrepreneurial trend will continue momentum in 2015

2015 is the first year of the Chinese people’s own business, starting from the bottom of the entrepreneurial boom swept the land of china. Across the door of the new year, 2016 entrepreneurial trends will be what kind of?


entrepreneurial success is a team activity

as each part of your body with confidence, most success stories have a common thread, is one or more consultants in this way the role of. These advisers can be investors, or run their own companies in the past, or just the role of consultants in the community. With the sexy entrepreneurship index soaring, there are plenty of advisers ready to help you develop your business. Here are two lessons that might go against each other: find 1-2 consultants and really assess what they can do for you.

scarce cash

for most enterprise power is cash. No money = no company. This is a very scary proposition. With the start of more and more sexy, high index of success, growing entrepreneurial talents and skills of your peers, and that only a handful of qualified consultants can help promote your business forward, found that cash is really very difficult. Don’t be fooled by reading the founders’ stories about getting a lot of money. The reality is that if you need to invest, then you’d better get along with how to get you out of thousands of other founders. You don’t have to be good, but you have to be better than them.


2015 2016 to continue the trend of entrepreneurship

Chris  Heivly is the managing director of venture capital in the United States, which is a seed investment fund, each year 10-14 new investment. He recently wrote on INC, from a professional point of view in 2016 in terms of entrepreneurship, which is still in the style of the year in 2013. I hope these are meaningful for Chinese entrepreneurs.

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